Dr Pavani’s Homoeopathy

Our Mission

“The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.”-aphorism no.1, Organon of medicine.

Our only mission is give patients “holistic health” with minimum and safe medicine. Physician is the person who deals with the Complete Human being including his Physical as well as Dynamic aspect. Homoeopathic treatment is holistic so treats the person as a whole rather than a single affected organ or disease.

Homoeopathic medicines cure many complicated cases in a very easy way and thus helps in avoiding surgery. So choose homoeopathy and avoid the knife.

Our Motto: Aude sapere- dare to be wise.

By Aude Sapere we now know Hahnemann means Dare to be wise. One who would aspire to become a true Homoeopath would have to take a leap of faith based on reason and understanding. A physician would have to open his mind to the dynamic/ quantum world view.

The truth we mortals need Us blest to make & keep The all-wise slightly covered O’er But did not bury deep.