Dr Pavani’s Homoeopathy


Homoeopathy is a multispecialty system of medicine capable of dealing with acute diseases like common cold, fever, diarrhoea etc., chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer etc., Metabolic and life style disorders like diabetes, thyroid, pcos, stress, emotional and behavioural disorders can be handled properly without any adverse effects.
Vital force is the healing energy that exists within every living thing. The vital force provides energy to the mind, body, & emotions and keeps us healthy. If vital force balance is disturbing by stress, pollution, improper diet, and or lack of exercise, it becomes weakened developing sickness.
Research using refined spectroscopy revealed homeopathic ultra-molecular preparations actually contains nanoparticles of the original medical substances in colloidal suspensions. Homeopathic medicines are so small active component in the dosage that it is appropriate to refer it as a newly defined field of Nano pharmacology. Nano-medicine involves the use of Nano-scale particles to deliver small quantities of drugs to specific sites within the body.
After proper case taking and analysing the symptoms remedy would be prescribed. This medicine stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself; it acts as a catalyst for healing.

Our Treatments

We Offer Different Services To Improve Your Health

Acute or Chronic condition
Immediately after taking the remedy within days/weeks, you may feel better, increase in energy and illness gradually improves. You may find faster recovery in case of acute illness (sudden onset condition). However, in case of chronic illness (long-lasting condition), it takes gradual prolong process to total recovery. The long you have the illness, proportionally prolong the recovery it takes.
Past illness symptoms
You will experience a return of older symptoms (that you experience in the past). This is also considering as good, indicating the body start clearing old disease pattern. These symptoms are generally short-lived and bearable. Please do not think you will fall ill again, it will be only brief reappearance and they may clear at its own. If your condition worsen after taking remedy, analyse yourself whether this reminds you the past-experience.
Holistic treatment
Homeopathy is truly holistic form of healthcare. To establish wellness involve treating the person as a whole (mind and body), rather than considering specifically the symptoms of the illness.
Cleansing process
Sometime people may experience some form of discharge; this indicates a cleaning process in progression.
Total wellbeing
Homeopathic remedy not just influences your physical symptom; it even positively affects physical, mood, and mental wellbeing.
Length of homeopathic treatment
Almost every patient asks how long does treatment require. It is impossible to predict the length of treatment, because individual case is different. The length of treatment depends on how long you are having the illness. It may take few months or even longer for proper healing. Acute conditions can better more quickly such as fevers and an upset stomach.
Direction of healing
Homeopathic remedies works inside outward according to Herring’s law of cure. Patient usually feels positive with more energy and the outer symptoms such as skin problems often cleared finally.
Homeopathic remedies help the body to heal itself, stop reoccurrence and maintain good health.